Digital Formats to Support Your Readers' Needs

Seeking ways to use CARES funding? Looking for formats that speak to your readers' specific needs? Read samples of each of our digital formats and learn how they can be used for in-person and distance learning.  

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The Digital Books You Need for Remote Learning

At Lerner Digital, we're building a growing collection of exceptional digital books and learning tools for grades PreK-12 readers. Our eBooks and digital products provide innovative, engaging reading experiences that build confidence and proficiency—making reading and learning fun, not frustrating. 

Lerner Digital offers four distinct digital book formats, built to suit the needs of the reader. Explore our formats below to discover nonfiction and fiction offerings that will support content instruction as well as improve literacy skills.

Plus, there are no subscriptions for our digital formats. Buy it once and own it forever!


Lerner Digital offers thousands of fiction and nonfiction eBooks for grades PreK-12. Educators can choose among titles that support curriculum content, offer research opportunities, or provide options for pleasure reading. Multi-user eBooks allow unlimited access across all students in a school building. The portability and accessibility of eBooks from any location, at any time of day, extends student learning. Many eBooks may also be downloaded to devices and accessed without an Internet connection, providing options for serving all students.

eBook Features and Benefits:

  • Select titles downloadable for offline reading 
  • No passwords required with automatic user authentication
  • eBooks are accessible directly from your library catalog management system
  • Select eBooks may also be added to learning management systems

Audisee® eBooks with Audio

Audisee eBooks with Audio combine the versatility of an eBook with audio narration and sentence highlighting that will engage even your most reluctant readers. Voice actors read the text aloud in an expressive, smooth narration, helping listeners with fluency and comprehension skills. As the audio plays, words, phrases, or sentences are highlighted one at a time for readers to easily follow along, helping them make audio and visual connections. Pages do not reflow on mobile devices or computers, allowing digital readers to have the same experience as students reading print editions.

Audisee Features and Benefits:

  • Spark interest with reluctant and struggling readers, auditory learners, ELL/ESL students
  • Diverse narrators

Download the Audisee White Paper to see what the research says about the effectiveness of eBooks with Audio. 

Watch our Audisee® Webinar to see a demonstration and learn more about the benefits of eBooks with Audio.

Lerner Interactive™ Books

Lerner Interactive Books are designed to improve literacy skills for emergent and struggling readers, auditory learners, and ELL/ESL and special needs students. The audio tracks are recorded by professional voice actors, not computerized. The read-aloud operation features three reading speeds—below grade level, at grade level, and fluent—to support individual learners. Readers can click on any word to hear it repeated. The underlined glossary words have popup text and audio definitions. Educators can also make use of the highlighter and pen mark-up tools to help readers in decoding text. A comprehension quiz, teaching guide, and fun extras round out these robust multi-media experiences.

Interactive Book Features and Benefits:

  • Supplemental features for readers: Each book features enhanced content such as a comprehension quiz, downloadable activities, online games, video and sound clips, glossary, and more!
    • Glossary terms throughout the text include pop-up definitions with audio pronunciations
    • Comprehension quiz results can be downloaded as a PDF to submit to a teacher
    • Tools include highlighter, marker, eraser, and zoom option
    • Fun tab includes activities such as downloadable PDFs, online games, or video or sound clips
  • Teaching Materials: A teaching guide and an implementation guide provide lesson ideas. 
  • Adapt to readers with three audio speeds: Users can match the reading speed to the appropriate pace, allowing readers to advance as their skills and confidence grow.

Download the Implementation Guide to see the many ways Interactive Books can be used for instruction. 

Download the White Paper to see what the research says about the effectiveness of Interactive Books. 

Lerner Audiobooks

With an enormous variety of titles to choose from and a completely intuitive audiobook player, Lerner Audiobooks will get kids listening and learning! Audiobooks are for every type of learner, but can be especially helpful for ESL/ELL students and struggling readers. They can improve vocabulary, as professional narration guides them through tricky pronunciations. They bypass anxiety around decoding written words and go straight to building background knowledge, connections between concepts, and overall comprehension. Most importantly, they can help catch those students up to feel accommodated and on-track with their peers.

Audiobook Features and Benefits:

  • Audio controls include play, pause, seek bar, rewind 15 seconds, fast forward 15 seconds
  • Audio player shows volume control, duration, time elapsed, and time remaining
  • Ability to bookmark audio
  • Narration provided by voice actors, not computers

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