We're Celebrating Nonfiction with Read-Aloud Videos Every Day in November!

What Is Nonfiction November?

Throughout the month of November we'll be sharing read-aloud videos of our favorite nonfiction books—one for every school day in the month! The videos are yours to share with students and readers, whether you're watching them in your classroom or library or using them for hybrid and distance learning.

What Will I Get?

Participants will receive an email every Sunday in November with links to videos for every day that week. Click here or scroll down to see the video release schedule. We'll also include lists of related books plus teaching guides and other resources perfect for planning lessons ahead of the school week! Videos will be available through December 1, 2021.

How Do I Participate?

Nonfiction November is free to join. Simply fill out the form on this page to join the nonfiction celebration! You can also participate on social media by tagging @LernerBooks or using the hashtag #NonfictionNovember to share your favorite nonfiction books. 

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